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About this blog

This blog will be about tech topics I want to write something about.

My Background

I’m using Linux and Unix since 1997, my first contact was an user server at the university running some HP-UX 10.x (IIRC). It also was around my first steps in the Internet. My first Linux Distribution on my PC at home was SuSE 5.1 in March 1998. My first contact to FreeBSD was around 2000.

FreeBSD was the primary OS at my first full time job (10/2001 – 3/2008) where we had 4.1-RELEASE … 6.x-RELEASE over the years.

FreeBSD is also the primary OS on the servers of the Unix User Group which I run since around 2006, beginning with 6.0-RELEASE. The former server of the Unix User Group had OpenBSD 2.x and AIX 4.x “running”, both not my OS of choice at the time.

I had FreeBSD as workstation for some years but this was too time consuming to keep it up-to-date (compiling sources from ports). Maybe I will give it a second try since FreeBSD can be upgraded using pre compiled packages.

My current private server is running FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE (started with 10.2-RELEASE), ZFS-only, FreeBSD Jails. It’s more or less the same setup as the server of the Unix User Group.

My current Job (since 4/2008) is IT in large scale, running hundreds of different servers, mostly Debian, some RedHat (RHEL) and some very old SuSE zombies.

Topics in this Blog

This blog will contain personal opinions about tech, tech-stuff, nerd stuff. I will use this blog for brain dumps so don’t expect professional writing here.

Hopefully someone will find useful stuff here and I will appreciate your feedback as comments in this blog or by E-Mail (see contact)




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